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To pass English you need a passing grade in 3 different areas: 1. Attendance (85% or more) 2. Class Work (75% or more) 3. Exams (75% or more) These grades will NOT be averaged.
Para aprobar el curso se necesitan calificaciones aprobadas de tres áreas diferentes: 1. Asistencia (85% o más) 2. Trabajo en Clase (75% o más) 3. Exámenes (75% o más) Las calificaciones NO serán promediadas.

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 Unexpected Relationship

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PostSubject: Unexpected Relationship   Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:20 pm

George is a young guy that cannot speak english very well but now he is learning in the URL. he doesn´t like english but he tries to participate in class making questions. In his house George uses his laptop for sending the homework to Ceci.

Ceci is a happy person and she likes tecnology, her classes are interactive and creative in her class they always plays english music, she likes every body make questins to her.

George and Ceci are friends, he is falling in love of her that is the reason beause he is studying with her. But there is a problem, Ceci is older than George he is 22 year old also she is dating with another guy.

George wants to go to her house and star to talk about the realtionship between them. He watns to tell her that he si in love with her and ask if she wants to go on a date. Ceci likes the other guy but she isn´t sure about him because he is wired, she feels something for George and she is waiting that George come and tell her something because with him she feels really happy.

They don´t know about the feelings of each other, George is ready to go to her gouse he is very exciting and the first thing that he is telling this afternoon is a ask" I really like you and want you to be my girlfriend, forget the age difference that is not important how important is love".Ceci full of surprise, answer that afternoon to George that "if I'm in love with him" months are making plans to marry.

The End.


Densyl Malín, Alba Velásquez,
Lisa Días and Claudia García.
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Unexpected Relationship
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