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To pass English you need a passing grade in 3 different areas: 1. Attendance (85% or more) 2. Class Work (75% or more) 3. Exams (75% or more) These grades will NOT be averaged.
Para aprobar el curso se necesitan calificaciones aprobadas de tres áreas diferentes: 1. Asistencia (85% o más) 2. Trabajo en Clase (75% o más) 3. Exámenes (75% o más) Las calificaciones NO serán promediadas.

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 Pay it forward

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PostSubject: Pay it forward   Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:57 pm

Movie: Pay it forward
Writer: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Producer: Paddy Carson
Directed by: Mimi Leder

Main Characters: Haley Joel Osment as Trevor Mckinney the student
Helen Hunt as Arlene Mckinney the mother
Kevin Spacey as Eugene Simonet the teacher


A school social studies assignment leads to social changes that spread from city-to-city. Assigned to come up with some idea that will improve mankind, a young boy decides that if he can do three good deeds for someone and they in turn can "pay it forward" and so forth, positive changes can occur. What appears to initially be a failure, is indeed a success that is not immediately known but is traced backwards by a reporter who is a benefactor. The initial recipients of the boy are a drug addict, his badly scarred school teacher, and a classmate who is constantly bullied by his peers. While physically and mentally scarred by past events, the teacher is not the only one bearing scars. The young boy fears his mother's fate, particularly at his brutal, alcoholic father's hands. The mother also bears scars from her childhood with a homeless, alcoholic mother.


Each of us should do a favor, it doesn't mater who receives it. Our good deeds are always rewarded, and in that way our world would be better.

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Pao Ganddini


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PostSubject: Re: Pay it forward   Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:16 pm

Hellooo... This movie it seems to be very interesting... I really enjoyed the trailer! It really seems to be good! I will look for it!
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Pay it forward
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