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To pass English you need a passing grade in 3 different areas: 1. Attendance (85% or more) 2. Class Work (75% or more) 3. Exams (75% or more) These grades will NOT be averaged.
Para aprobar el curso se necesitan calificaciones aprobadas de tres áreas diferentes: 1. Asistencia (85% o más) 2. Trabajo en Clase (75% o más) 3. Exámenes (75% o más) Las calificaciones NO serán promediadas.

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 comparative anda superlative

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rony stuardo

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PostSubject: comparative anda superlative   Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:08 pm

My eyes are more bigger than mi sister eyes.
My room is more smaller than my fathers room.
I'm more crazyer than my sister.
My car is more slower than the car of one of my friends.
The car of my father is more heavy than the car of my mother.
My father eyes are more smaller than the eyes of my mother.
The hair of my sister is more beautiful than my hair.
One of my friends is more intelligent than me in the class of physical.
My drawings are excellent than the drawing of other people.
My teeth are more fantastic than other people teeth.
My father works more quicklyer than me.
My sister is more honest than one of my cousins.
I'm more faster than my sister.
In one of the class work, my airplane flew more further than Fernando's airplane.
I'm more carefully with my thing than my sister.

I'm the the crazyest person in my house.
The car of my father is the most beautiful in my house.
the car of one of my cousins is the most amazing car that I see.
My cellphone is the most small in my house.
My little dog is hte most fantastic of all the dogs.
The color of my dog is the most extraordinary color that I see.
My parrot is the most pretty of all.
My computer is the most useful in the house.
My is the most fantastic.
My family is the happyest of all.
My father is the happyest in the house.
I have a couple of boots that are one of the most expensive boots that I didnt have.
My speakers are the most noisy in my house.
My car is the most noisy in my colony. Wink
The reggeton is the most amazaing music to dance.
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comparative anda superlative
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