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To pass English you need a passing grade in 3 different areas: 1. Attendance (85% or more) 2. Class Work (75% or more) 3. Exams (75% or more) These grades will NOT be averaged.
Para aprobar el curso se necesitan calificaciones aprobadas de tres áreas diferentes: 1. Asistencia (85% o más) 2. Trabajo en Clase (75% o más) 3. Exámenes (75% o más) Las calificaciones NO serán promediadas.

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 Writing a story! Unit 3

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Alejandra Maria

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PostSubject: Writing a story! Unit 3   Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:32 pm

I woke up late for an exam

When I was in second grade of high school, I arrive late for a very important final exam of mathematics, and the reason was because I woke up late, and the bus of the school left me. This week I remember that I was very stressed studying mathematics, because to me was one of the most difficult classes and I needed to prepare with advance. A day before the exam a friend invited me to her birthday, and I had to go for compromise, and this event (birthday) was really very very very good and even I forget all afternoon the anguish and concern for the final exam. That night my mom pick up me to the House of my friend, and when came back we come with a horrible traffic!, truth I worry because I needed study mathematics. Meanwhile I started listening to music, and gradually began to despair me since we were four hours trapped in traffic. The truth is that I was very angry and moody when I get to my house because it was very late at night, and I had to continue studying mathematics. That night I spent studying like crazy, and the worse was that I no longer support the dream and I fall asleep. The next morning I woke up and saw the clock and was 7: 00 a.m., and the bus passed by my 6: 40 am. So my mom cameo t the gym and the first that she did was scolded me because I was still in the house and not in school. That day arrived 30 minutes late to school, and when I enter to the class the exam had already begun, so the teacher allowed me to do the exam, but with less time, and I had to speed up to do so quickly.

Thank god I finished the exam on time and a week later the teacher gave me the news that I won the exam, so I was very happy.
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Writing a story! Unit 3
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